Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Different Side of Cary Grant

Jennifer and Cary Grant (Photo from Parade.com)

This past Sunday, CBS Sunday Morning news ran a great segment on Jennifer Grant reminiscing about her famous father, Cary Grant. The segment includes many photos and home movies of a young Jennifer with her dad. My favorite is a clip of Cary dancing with his daughter and just having fun being a dad.

Director, writer, and film historian Peter Bogdanovich is also interviewed in the segment. Bogdanovich discusses how Cary Grant got his start in Hollywood and how the actor created the persona of Cary Grant. Bogdanovich shares a memory of when he, with then girlfriend Cybil Shepherd, attended an event with Grant.  Bogdanovich retells the story in his spot on Cary Grant impression, explaining that when they approached the ticket taker Grant said, "I'm terribly sorry, I forgot my ticket. May I get in please?" As the ticket taker was looking for his name, Grant says, "It's Cary Grant." "You don't look like Cary Grant," said the ticket taker. And Bogdanovich remembers that Grant, "as quick as wink" said, "I know, nobody does." 

If you missed this segment when it originally aired this past Sunday, it's worth a view. 

Your thoughts?

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