Friday, December 31, 2010

Montana Isn't Just A State

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Karlie Montana has been featured on a number of sites. (Here's another gallery of her in black BTW). In this particular shoot, the poses were incredibly thought out. Especially the second picture. It helps of course, that Ms. Montana has some very nice curves, and she looks very good in high heels.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Caption Ready

Corn Syrup. It's Not Just For Baking.

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Electric In Blue

The full gallery of Darien's shots are at Young Models. "Darien" is absolutely incredible and reminds us all that a girl doesn't need to be naked to be stunning... though I admit it helps. In any event, I liked this young lady because she reminded me of Katie Holmes, the quintessential "girl next door", before Katie was ruined by Tom Cruise and started doing all that weird Hollywood actor shit that turns those people into walking skeletons and mental retards.

Also, if anyone is wondering, in my latest novel "The Trip", the character Megan looks an awful lot like this young lady. Hmmm... maybe we know who I was looking at the day I introduced the character now...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Facts of Life (1960) - Film Locations

The Facts of Life (1960)

Larry (Bob Hope) and Kitty (Lucille Ball), both middle-class Pasadena suburbanites, are becoming bored with their predictable lives and their marriages. When Larry and his wife, Kitty and her husband, along with another couple plan a future trip to Acapulco, unforeseen events cause Larry and Kitty to spend all their time on the trip together without their spouses. A romance between Larry and Kitty ensues.

When the trip is over Larry and Kitty try to break things off feeling they have made a mistake, but when they return home they continue to try and see each other. In the end, after a little sneaking around together, Larry and Kitty realize that they still love their spouses. The two break things off for good but still continue to be friends.

I visited a few of the locations featured in The Facts of Life, but unfortunately, many of the sites seen in this film from 1960, no longer exist. Below are a few of the sites as they appear today.

Lucille Ball's Home

Corner of Forrester Drive & Monte Drive, Los Angeles

Above is the home of Kitty, Lucille Ball's character. The home is still standing and other than the addition of a fence and large tree, looks mostly the same as it does in the film. The house is at the corner of Forrester Drive and Monte Drive, not too far from the 20th Century Fox studio lot.

Olympic Drive-In Theatre, Los Angeles

Olympic Drive-In 12109 Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles

On one of their dates, Hope and Ball visit the Olympic Drive-In Theatre which used to be located at 12109 Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Olympic Drive-In Theatre has since been demolished, but it is still the site of many cars. The location is currently the home of a car dealership. Above are screenshots showing the drive-in theatre and below is a photo of the car dealership that is there today.

Former Location of Olympic Drive-In Theatre

During another night out Hope and Ball drive to a motel. As they are driving we see them pass many great mid-century motels lit by their neon lights. I've tried to find these motels but I'm sure they have all been torn down and replaced by tacky strip malls. One in particular I have wanted to locate is a "Topper" motel. The sign is shaped like a large top hat. There is one Topper motel in the Inglewood neighborhood, but the architecture of the building does not match up with the one in the film. I've also seen photos of a Topper motel that used to be on Ventura Boulevard in the Studio City area, but again, the architecture doesn't match up. If anyone knows more about these motels seen in the film, please share.

After Hope and Ball end up at a motel where they plan to "talk," Hope steps out to pick up some food to bring back to the motel. Hope stops by Johnie's Coffee Shop. Johnie's was located in Downey, California at 7447 Firestone Blvd and operated from 1958 until 2001. From 2002 until 2006 Johnie's was a used car dealership until it was illegally demolished in 2007. Since then, Bob's Big Boy has taken over the property and rebuilt the restaurant using original blueprints. Below is a screenshot of Johnie's from the film and photos of the rebuilt restaurant that is now being operated as a Bob's Big Boy.

Johnie's Fat Boy Restaurant

Johnie's "Fat Boy"

Johnie's "Fat Boy" logo was modeled after the Bob's Big Boy character.

The rebuilt Johnie's Broiler, now Bob's Big Boy

Our very friendly hostess.

Looking down one of the lunch counters.


The menu is now the normal Bob's Big Boy menu, so it is your classic diner fare. The atmosphere is like stepping into a time warp. You can see what the restaurant would have looked like when it opened in 1958 - not after decades of wear and tear. Like the Bob's Big Boy in Toluca Lake, it looks like the Bob's Big Boy Broiler has special events on different nights, such as Hot Rod Cruising.

Piper Fawn

One of the very first redheads I encountered on the internet was the young lady below, Piper Fawn. She actually went with several different names on a couple of different sites before making the mistake of setting up her own site: Why a mistake? Well, I think most guys get more mileage out of sites that present a large variety of girls. But that's neither here nor there. Piper Fawn is still a beautiful young lady, with a girl next door sort of look, a well rounded body that isn't too thin and angular, and looks like something I'd want to sink my teeth... or maybe my cock, into.

Evidently, I wasn't the only one with the desire to screw this young bunny... lucky bastard.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Benched But Not Out

Met Art is of course one of the best sources for beautiful models. This lady is Olga K and photographs were taken by Goncharov. In this series, its the attire she's wearing that actually provides the eroticism. I love the slit shirt at the beginning, especially in pink, with both breasts prominently on display. The clothing adds texture to the photo. That makes it art. In the third photograph she is wearing a black fish net like camisole, which was the inspiration for Breanne's dress in my latest novel "The Trip", which of course can be read in the VIP LOUNGE of Michael Alexander Stories.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Finding the Grand Tetons

via Digital Desire

In this particular series there is one feature that remains ever present, and is, in my humble opinion, one of the most magnificent examples of decolletage ever viewed. And while men, in our crude arrogance have derived an almost inexhaustible list of slurs for the stupendous physical feature of the female form, they remain in our minds, if not our hands. Those in the series above are truly Grand Tetons.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

At the Cliff Edge


The model's name is Karina. One of things I really like about this young lady (besides the fact she's naked) is the easy ability to move from serious to playful. LOOK at her smile, and not just her breasts and you'll see this magical transformation. You can go to Sexy& to see a pretty decent gallery of this young lady.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Ivette from MC-Nudes

For the complete gallery at Sexy&Funny

Normally, a women like Ivette isn't as much of a turn on for me. Sure, she's beautiful, but in a very angular, sultry way. I prefer a more innocent look and Ivette's face is more "professional model" beauty, rather than my more preferred "innocent, girl next door" expression. So why do I like these? I'd say the car, just to be flippant, but that's not really it. It's the curves, especially with the shoes. Let's just say that both the car and the girl have some really graceful lines.

Athletic Innocence


Friday, December 24, 2010

Pretty In Pink

I'm not really sure where these came from, or who the model is. Right now I'm sourcing from my own personal collection on the ole hard drive, so unfortunately, I have no clue where I got these, or how long ago. But if I'm enjoying them, so should you!

Update: Nonsequitur, the blogmaster at " Cabbage Patch Dolls" knew EXACTLY who this model is. Her name is Silvie Thomas.