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Criss Cross (1949) - Film Locations

Criss Cross (1949) (C) Universal International Pictures

In the 1940s noir film, Criss Cross, Burt Lancaster plays Steve Thompson, a man still deeply in love with his ex-wife, Anna, performed by the alluring Yvonne De Carlo. In the film, Lancaster returns to Los Angeles to rekindle his relationship with De Carlo, however, there is one major problem - De Carlo marries mobster Slim Dundee. Despite the threat of the mob, Lancaster and De Carlo carry on an affair.

When the mob discovers Lancaster and De Carlo together, Lancaster attempts to avert the mob's attention to another matter - an armored truck heist. What the mob considers to be an impossible robbery, suddenly becomes possible after Lancaster reveals to the mob that he is an armored truck driver and he could be their inside man. Not until the robbery is midway does the mob realize they've been criss-crossed by Lancaster.

There are some great Los Angeles locations used in the film. Most notable are locations in what used to be the Bunker Hill neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles and Union Station. Here are a few of those locations:

Lancaster gets off trolley at Hill Street Tunnel near Temple Street

Temple @ Hill Street, (c) 2011 Google
The Hill Street Tunnel was demolished in the 1950s.

Lancaster walks up stairs along Hill Street Tunnel

Lancaster inside Union Station, Los Angeles

Information booth inside Union Station.

De Carlo enters Union Station

Restaurant entrance, Union Station

Lancaster spots De Carlo entering Union Station.

Information Booth, Union Station, Los Angeles

Lancaster leaves Union Station.

Entrance to Union Station

Lancaster walks up sidewalk in front of Union Station.

Outside Union Station

Lancaster at entrance to Union Station near
Alameda Avenue. City Hall in Background.

Alameda Avenue in front of Union Station.
Tip of Los Angeles City Hall in background.

Lancaster leans against Union Station Sign.

Union Station Sign on Right.

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