Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tony Curtis - R.I.P. (1925-2010)

Tony Curtis (

I just heard the sad news this morning that Tony Curtis has passed away (1925-2010) which is a great loss for all fans of old Hollywood. Curtis was not only an entertaining actor, but an entertaining personality. Anyone who has had the chance to be in his presence or see him do an interview knows that Curtis could really tell a story, which he had many.

One of my favorite things about Curtis is that he was so willing to share many of his stories and the stories of the people he has encountered throughout his life. To read some of the stories he would share pick up a copy of one of his two autobiographies. Because of Curtis's openness, he was like a link to the past, a portal to another era in film and Hollywood.

I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet Tony Curtis in person last year at a dinner. He was such a friendly person with all in attendance, taking time with everyone.

Tony Curtis's films will always be around to watch and cherish, but my wife and I will miss the amazing man who starred in the films. R.I.P. Tony!

Robby, Zinnia, Tony Curtis (2009)

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