Sunday, April 25, 2010

Turner Classic Movies Film Festival is a Hit!

Roosevelt Hotel, TCM Festival Headquarters

Ok, so I said I probably wasn't going to go to the TCM Classic Film Festival, but how could I pass this up when it was happening in my own backyard? Because I already have a lot of big events planned for this year, the $500 festival pass was not an option. What I did do was purchase individual tickets at $20 a piece for the screenings I was able to attend.

Basically, those who had the expensive festival passes got first access into all the screenings. Then, usually about 15 minutes before the screening would start the TCM staffers would allow those wishing to purchase individual tickets to enter. Only once did I have trouble getting into a screening because there were too many festival passholders already, leaving no room for individual ticket buyers.

The big bonus to being a festival passholder was that you could attend some screenings, parties, and programs that were not available to individual ticket buyers. There were some great programs I would have liked to attend, such as a presentation of Joan Crawford's home movies presented by her grandson, Casey LaLonde. I think next year I will take some time off of work and get the festival pass.

Below is a video I put together from my visit to the festival on Saturday. It includes footage of the interior of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the TCM Boutique, and the Egyptian Theatre.

Video of 2010 Turner Classic Film Festival

The festival appeared to be a hit and I really hope they do another festival next year. It was great to be in an enviroment with so many classic movie lovers all in one spot, watching pristine prints of some terrific films and in some of the best movie theaters in the country. What was funny was how at the event you would have thought Robert Osborne was a rock star - this event was truly his stage.

Any thoughts from those who attended or maybe didn't attend ?

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